Miso Fresh Asian


Miso Fresh Asian cover

I'm somewhat skeptical when a mall restaurant -- and I use the word liberally here -- claims to be "fresh". Particularly when "fresh" is right there in the name. Miso Fresh Asian? Location and name taken into consideration, it is not something that fills you with much confidence. 

Somewhat surprisingly, though, Miso is fairly fresh. Fairly. You're not going to run around yelling to the high heavens that this is what you've been waiting for your whole life, but you could do worse should you find yourself in River Park Square. At any rate it's easily as fresh as anything you'll find at Twigs.

Giving the báhn mì a shot, we walked away fairly pleased. The vegetable were all chopped up in front of us, which certainly is a step above Panda Express's vats of mysterious goop. Really, we had no complaints about the carrots or cucumber. They all had the expected (or possibly unexpected) crunch to them.

The chicken was... well, chicken... and the spicy sauce gave the sandwich a bit of a punch.

All in all, the fillings were good enough. Not too exciting, but I'd say they were on level with a baseline báhn mì.

And the bread? Well, I suppose it was fresh when it left Sysco, so we'll let that be what it was.

The báhn mì really wasn't bad. It wasn't necessarily great, and not something that'll turn you into a mall rat or anything. Should you happen to find yourself at River Park Square (or, apparently Northtown), though, you can (and will) find worse places to eat.