Pizza Rita


It just seemed appropriate to take a closer look at Rita, what with the amount of loving jabs we've thrown their way. If Pipeline is the chain Spokane potentially deserves, what exactly is Rita? Does Spokane deserve it too? Does Rita deserve Spokane?

We say «no».

See, we figure Pipeline has its place, for that evening where you really want to dumb yourself down. It's not great, or even good, but it is what it is.

Rita is also what it is, which is a step or two below what Pipeline delivers (more taste to your door, ding-dong!). Here the crust is not on par with what you find in Safeway's frozen section, but rather something akin to what you'd expect from Home Depot's plywood aisle.

You probably know that already, just like you know Rita's toppings. Frankly, there's not that much to know. It's all pretty awful.

So, the question, like we've asked so many times: should this this chain exist? Pipeline might be the chain Spokane deserves, and we're OK with that. We still have Veraci, Flying Goat, South Perry, and so on, and so forth. That all balances istelf out.

Rita, meanwhile, sort of off-sets said balance. Those awful yellow shacks you see around town, the coupons you get in the mail... It all kind of just goes hand in hand with the horrible pies.

We don't think Spokane deserves Pizza Rita, nor do we think Pizza Rita deserves Spokane. The chain won't go anywhere, of course, but even when we feel like turning our brains off, we should not fall for the temptation of that coupon in the mail. If anything, we should get our act together and go to a spot that matters.

Or just put on some sunglasses and a hoodie, and sneak into a Pipeline, while hating ourselves. It's a tough decision.