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Rancho Chico


Rancho Chico cover

Once upon a time, before the De Leons and Tumbras of the world, Rancho Chico was considered by many to be the Mexican place in town. I can sort of see why, seeing the competition at the time wasn't stellar.

And it's not that I don't like Rancho Chico. I kinda do. I don't love it, but the spot has a certain charm. Their steak special -- something akin to a steak ranchero -- wasn't too bad. The steak was a bit chewy, and there wasn't tons of flavor to the whole thing mind you, though the refried beans were good, if you're OK with lard. In other words, they aren't vegetarian friendly. 

I sampled Top That's burrito which was of the vegetarian type, and it wasn't too bad. Not spectacular or a flavor kick or anything, but definitely fresh tasting, which is just OK with me.

Rancho Chico isn't particularly exciting. But I suppose like many have their favorite old diner, this is a place where you can go for a type of comfort food. That's certainly acceptable. For quality Mexican, though, you'd be better off with De Leon or Tumbras or Guerrero or El Mercado del Pueblo or Michoacana or...