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A few weeks ago we were loudly accused of being too lenient on Go Froyo. "The toppings are stale!", they yelled, and, well... The only way to find out was really to revisit the South Hill froyo shop.

Now, it should be pointed out... We never really proclaimed Go Froyo to be the second coming. We specifically pointed out the possibility of the toppings's freshness being a thing that could change over time.

And you know, our suspicion was right. The diligent Go Froyo connoisseurs nailed it: The toppings did, sadly, look like they had been sitting out for way too long. You know when chocolate starts getting that light dusting on it? That was happening here.

Equally tragic was the froyo selection. It had not changed since the last time we visited Go Froyo many a month ago. Worst of all: Some of the flavors had started melding. In other words, you'd pull one handle, and the flavor of its contents tasted like it had mixed with the neighboring flavor. Very odd.

It's not that we hate Go Froyo, negative as all of this may sound. It all still tastes pretty OK. Sadly it is not as mindblowing as we want it to be, and the naysayers might just have been right about their complaints this time around.

Original Jun 05, 2012 review

You could probably make a pretty decent argument that all froyo places around town are pretty identical. Yet, correct as you may be, the deity of your choice is in the details, and it's the little things that can make or break a good froyo shop.

Go Froyo recently opened on the South Hill (they already have a couple of other locations) and they do sweat the little things. Granted, the actual frozen yoghurt seemed pretty identical to what we've become accustomed to -- we assume they use YoCream or something similar -- but the flavors were good, ranging from huckleberry to bubble tea.

Where many a froyo place has fallen flat is on the toppings, specifically when they've been sitting out for too long, and thus turned stale. Go Froyo does not suffer from that, at least not yet -- it's still early in the game here.

As importantly, the spoons used for scooping are actually fairly large. It's a great annoyance, all these places only providing teaspoons. I mean, really, it takes minutes (almost literally) to scoop with them, time that could be better spent doing other things. Like watching TV.


The toppings range from the usual suspects to tapioca balls. (OK, so the latter is starting to become more of a usual suspect.) There are a good handful of sauces to choose from, some even a bit outside of the usual.

In the end, though, you can't get past the fact that this simply is a run of the mill froyo spot, whichever deity you may see in the details. Go Froyo might be a bit better than some, but we're not sure it's worth an outing past your current favorite spot. Give them a shot, though. Maybe you'll find yourself a new favorite, who knows?