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Slickrock Burrito


Slickrock Burrito has been around since about the beginning of time, or, as it is, for as long as I can remember. That actually might not be particularly long, come to think of it, but I digress…

I'm personally not a huge fan of the place, but I can understand why some -- many, really -- like it. It has its place. Not a place in my heart, but maybe in yours.

The main menu is sorta dull -- the handful of choices don't offer much variety -- and I tend to think the «build your own» option is your best bet.

I went with the carnitas burrito during my last visit, and had it wrapped in a tomato tortilla. Black beans, rice, sour cream… Pretty much your standard burrito, and I'm OK with that, at least theoretically.

The initial issue I encountered was the carnitas themselves. Allegedly marinated in a tequila base, they came out flavorless and somewhere on the north side of dry.

Slathering on some more sour cream might have made up for that, but then, I actually think they used the perfect amount: just a couple of thin dollops on the tortilla. In that sense, the burrito was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, seeing how too much sour cream only serves to mask flavors.

Either way, I doubt better prepared carnitas would have made too much of a difference. There wasn't a whole lot going on in the flavor department, anyway, and it all just felt a bit... spartan? Bland?

On the other hand, one can go «glass half full», and say it had a comfort-food quality to it. You know, kind of like a winter stew. Warm and comforting, but perhaps not too exciting.

Maybe that's why people like Slickrock. It isn't my «thing», but the public in general doesn't seem to be all too supportive of me in that regard. I'm more of an Atilano's man, myself, but I am (somewhat) willing to accept that there being more than one school of burrito appreciation.

Go give Slickrock a try again, if you haven't in a while. It might just be time to figure out where you stand in the great burrito war. You never know what will sway your opinion.