The Bar @ Pizza Pipeline


The North Division Pizza Pipeline has a bar. You have probably noticed it, we certainly have, and even The Inlander has.

The concept is actually quite genius when you think about it. They already have the pizza, so why not expand the operation and make it a bar? It has worked for -- and no offense to the Pipeline here -- more... upscale pizza places? Pizza places where you actually enjoy the pizza? I mean, you get the point.

As for The Bar @ Pizza Pipeline, it is pretty much what you'd expect: a bar. The interiors could certainly be worse, and they have their own menu. By that I mean a physical menu made of paper, with a heading saying "The Bar @ Pizza Pipeline". You can get all the items to go (even the "exclusives" not listed on the to-go menu) and everything is cooked up in the connecting kitchen/pick-up area you have known, and possibly (but probably not) loved for all these years.

In that sense, you will enjoy the food served up at The Bar if you usually like the Pipeline. If you don't, well... You won't.

They have libations too, of course. The tap selection is a potpourri of Spokane favorites -- the Mac & Jack's of the world -- and you can get some pretty nasty looking mixed drinks too.

OK, snarky as I may sound here, we really don't dislike The Bar, at least not for what it is. This is an all-ages spot, and it's probably a sweet place to hang out if you're a fan of Pizza Pipeline's cuisine. The staff is very friendly, and the TVs undoubtedly show sports all the time.

It might not be our thing, but do check it out if you like the Pipeline, and want to enjoy their pies somewhere else than your home.