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Donut Parade (Closed)


Donut Parade (Closed) cover

Look, I don’t know what went wrong here, but to begin with the end: Donut Parade isn’t really that awesome. Maybe they’ve changed owners—they’ve acquired a new website and opening hours recently at least—or maybe Spokane just has glorified memories of the spot. Whatever the reason may or may not be, we really weren’t particularly impressed with Donut Parade.

Sure, their prices are good. And there’s something about going into a place that probably has changed minimally since 1968. I can even forgive that Cuba Gooding, Jr. filmed a scene there. The donuts, however, aren’t up to par. They’re dense; too dense. Not “this is the perfect density!” dense, but “wow, this doesn’t have a great mouthfeel” dense.

The glazing on our maple bar and chocolate covered donut just felt too sweet really didn’t help either. And really, other than density and glazing, there isn’t a whole lot more to a donut.

Look, we don’t hate Donut Parade. But when we actually start discussing if Zip’s donuts are better… Well, that’s not a good thing.