The Great Burger ChaseSpokane

Wisconsinburger cover

It's in a location one would assume would see little traffic, but Wisconsinburger seems to have become a destination. And deserved it is, to start with the conclusion: these are the best sub-$10 burgers we've tried on this Great Burger Chase, an honor («honor», I say!) which I feel will stick for a good while.

The whole concept is well thought out, from a locale that beautifully screams Wisconsin -- we assume all they do there is bowl and eat burgers -- down to a clean, easy to read, non-turducken-ed logo. 

Even the to-go packaging is cool, see-through and all.

Of course, all of this would mean preciously little, had the burgers not been of the quality they are. Frankly, I was unsure what to expect. Butter burgers? It sounds a bit overpowering.

Yet, that's not the case. The flavors are clean, almost delicate, and surprisingly... Light? Fluffy? Point being, it does not feel like fast-food at all. This is a good gourmet-like burger, at a very reasonable price.

In terms of general comparison, I'd say Manito's ranks higher -- though not by much -- yet Churchill's doesn't quite measure up. We can see Wisconsinburger becoming a Spokane mainstay. Good quality at a reasonable price. It's very Spokane.

And do try the fried cheese curds. They might give you a heart attack, but it's probably worth it.

It is off the beaten path, Wisconsinburger, but the Perry-ites don't seem to mind. The place was packed during our visit, and well deserved that is. No worries if you don't find a place to sit: the burgers travel just fine.

Wisconsinburger, then, ranks highly on our Burger Chase list. We're fans, and we expect you to be too.

Photo courtesy of the Great Burger Chase’s official photography studio, Erick Doxey Photography.