Picabu Neighborhood Bistro (Closed)


Picabu Neighborhood Bistro (Closed) cover

It's kind of easy to forget about Picabu Bistro, crammed in the corner of a Rosauers building and that's too bad, as it is quite an excellent casual restaurant. It probably won't have Michelin come running here, nor will it be what sways Zagat to start a Spokane guide, but hey, it was good enough for Guy Fieri, so this is obviously a spot anyone can enjoy.

The menu is charmingly casual, inspired by all corners of the world. We tried the falafel in tahini which was surprisingly similar to what we ate in Morocco. The tahini sauce might have been a bit more lemony than what I've become used to, but it was still very good. More important was the falafel which was perfectly fried, nice and crispy. The pepperocinis added a spicy crunch to the dish, too. In fact, the only thing that could have been kicked up a bit was the hummus. It got a bit lost in the mix. It is forgivable, though, as getting hummus just right is kind of an art form.

The curry bowl, too, is good. Kudos to Picabu for actually keeping its promise when they call it "spicy." The sauce actually has a great kick to it, and goes well with the jasmine rice. Go with the tofu, and it will soak up the flavors just beautifully.

Finally, the vegan cheese cake. I have a hard time believing it's vegan, but then, who am I to argue? It's always great.

Casual goodness aside, Picabu provides good food for everyone: omnivores, vegans, gluten frees... They're all covered. A large portion of the dishes are also under $10, making this a place for cheap eats.

It might not be Sante, but Picabu covers it's own niche and it does it well. Now pull a Guy Fieri and head there for a good meal.