The Great Burger Chase

The Great Burger ChaseSpokane

As a result of the South Hill Five Guys (arguably) untimely death, a discussion on Twitter ended with an almost existential question: «Where do you get a good burger in Spokane?»

And a good question it is. After the Social Media Scientists let us down with their Fatburger advertisement love, we gave Burger Express a try, hoping that we might find a good burger in our area.

We're not about to give up on that venture, as Burger Express certainly did not deliver.

Soliciting advice from Twitter, we got some very worthwhile suggestions:

Cassie suggested Wolffy's which, as mentioned in her tweet, might not be our favorite, but it has its good share of followers. And, looking at our original review, we at least liked it, ourselves.

Her second suggestion, Mizuna, might also be worth a fact finding mission.

River City Red suggested both Saranac and Chaps. We haven't tried the latter, but Saranac does, indeed, deliver a great burger.

Barry threw in Butcher Bar's foie gras burger, as well as one from Central Food; Erin followed that up with Santé. We agree with all of these.

We haven't checked out Chairs Public House yet, but the burgers and avocado fries Holly brought up sound good.

And, as mentioned by Doxey, we will soon have a Wisconsin Burger. Butter burgers. How bad can that be? 

So, there we go. Suggestions.

We take these things very seriously, and we feel we have to look further into it. Will we see some great epiphanies along the way? Maybe, maybe not, but we're willing to take the risk.