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Sante burger

The Great Burger ChaseSpokane

I've mentioned it a few times before: Burgers don't really excite me, largely because they tend to be a bit... Dull. It might be a Spokane thing, a smaller city where Red Robin is considered a holy house, and really, many don't want much out of the ordinary. Hence the focus on making dull burgers.

Sante has had various burgers on the menu over the years, though the first one I've actually decided to bother with is the foie gras one currently on the brunch menu. I say "bother" because, really, if I'm going to spend twenty bucks on something, a burger isn't on top of my list.

This time, however, I'd heard good things and hence I went wild and crazy and ordered a burger. It's how I roll.

Was it worth it? Definitely. Really, really, definitely. This is really nothing less than a great meal. A high-end steak-quality patty, covered with foie and cheese served on a bun that actually isn't from Franz (very quaint and different for this area)? This just makes so much sense you can all of a sudden see the reason why people like hamburgers. Not those kind of burgers. Sante burgers.

It is served with the house ketchup on the side, but why you'd want to use it is beyond me here. The foie is your new burger condiment, it's how you live your life now. 

Many nicer restaurants in town have attempted to do a high-end burger, but how often have you been excited by one? This is one that should be celebrated. And also the reason why I probably can't order a burger anywhere else in town ever again.