Taste of India


Let's talk Taste of India, because, really, why not?

Spokane isn't really the epicenter of Indian cuisine, and that's fair enough. Taste of India has been the one hold out for more years than we care to remember, which, I suppose, makes it the go to spot for Indian food around these parts. That, too, is fair enough, even though Taste of India is far from mind-blowing. In any larger town it would likely have been considered a pretty average spot.

But average is OK when you have little to choose from, and even average Indian food can be good now and again. And it is of course all here, the kormas, the currys, the daal... You'll find pretty much any Northern Indian dish at Taste of India, made with everything from lamb to paneer.

Quality wise the dishes are... well... average. I mean, try the lamb korma, and it's not bad, just pretty much what you'd expect a lamb korma to be; nothing more; nothing less. You're not going to sing songs about it, but you'll likely enjoy it.

Rice, naan, it's all just fine, just not amazingly memorable.

While we wait for, and dream of, South Indian cuisine, we're fine with visiting Taste of India. It does what it advertises: It gives you a taste of India. We might prefer something that tempts us to more than just a taste, but one step at the time.