MacKenzie River Pizza Co


MacKenzie River Pizza Co cover

I think there is a place in the world for MacKenzie River. This is the type of place you can lump together with the Applebee's of the world, but still holds a higher standard than the national chains. It is owned by the same company that runs Ciao Mambo, and that's... Well, not something to instill confidence, but I'd say MacKenzie River is better.

It is, of course, painfully average, and a parade of guilty pleasures-ish. It's the type of place you can take your grandparents and still find something vaguely decent for yourself, as long as you leave your snob-hat at home. As far as fancy upscale-American-fast-food goes, it's probably as good as it gets.

We tried the Lodgepoles™, which basically are breadsticks with cheese, served with a rather bland marinara. It is what it is, and soft breadsticks with melted cheese are rarely downright awful. 

The hot wings aren't particularly hot, nor are they awful. They're pretty much chicken wings with a sauce that is not entirely unpleasant. OK, that doesn't make me want to jump up and down of joy, but whatever, I've had worse.

Despite the averageness of everything else, the one thing that really hits home is the Mack Lovin', which is more than an awesome name. Two chocolate chip cookies topped with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce? There is nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes you need to do average, if only for necessity. And MacKenzie River does average right.