Rosa's Pizza (Closed)


Did social media lie to me?

I'm starting to think it did. Over the last few days I've seen multiple tweets every hour advertising... or informing... that Rosa's Pizza will serve up 500 free slices of pizza tomorrow. That's all well and good (and not a lie), but seeing many of these tweets included a mention of Rosa's also being the best pizza in town... Well, who are we not to try it?

Spokane's best pizza? It depends on your perspective, I suppose. If the only other pizza «parlor» in Spokane was Pizza Rita, then sure. Throw Pizza Pipeline into the mix, and Rosa's quickly gets demoted to number two. Add Veraci, Flying Goat, South Perry, Fire, Bennidito's, Ferrante's, and... Well, you know how it goes and you know where the comparison ends.

I don't want it to sound like Rosa's is downright horrible, mind you. The toppings are easily better then Rita's, right up there with Pipeline. The crust is flavorless, with Pipeline easily winning out. Take the sum of it all whichever way you want.

But Rosa's has its place. It's fast food pizza, and sometimes you just want that. It's better than Rita, and Rita is a step or two above many other places in town. Rosa's is fine for what it is.

I guess what really gets to me is this hyperbole we see from local social media rock stars. While it's all well and good that Rosa's is handing out free slices -- good on them -- do we need to see multiple social media gurus tweet about it every hour? And do they need to tack on that it's Spokane's best pizza when they clearly have never branched out beyond fast food?

Someday, when Twitter is dead and gone, I see a tombstone with an inscription of what killed it: Annoying, repetitive tweets. Social media experts who kept tweeting the same damn thing over and over and over and over...

But that, of course, is only my opinion, and I'm sure many will disagree. (As is evidentially the case.)

I sort of digress. Kind of.

Check out Rosa's free slices tomorrow, 4:30pm. It's worth it. And possibly grab one of their pies too. You can find worse pizza among the many fast food joints around town. I wouldn't downright recommend Rosa's, but it's at least worth checking out all the same.