Veraci Pizza


Veraci Pizza cover

There are certain things we don't expect to find in Spokane. Take pizza, for example. We don't expect to find pies the quality of Di Fara in Brooklyn or Tropic in Spain here. That's not to say we don't love us some South Perry, Flying Goat or Ferrante, as we most certainly do, but top of the class is something we find elsewhere.

Yet, sometimes we find a bright spot, one that truly surprises. Veraci is clearly the best pizza in Spokane, and pretty dang close to being mentioned in the same breath as some of our favorite spots.

This is the a "branch" (in lack of a better word, seeing that it's mobile) of a Seattle pizzeria which we've tried before, and we're going to say the local alternative is the better one. It could be something as simple as us getting the slices fresh out of the oven on a blustering day -- in Seattle they were kinda just sitting around in their brick and mortar location -- we don't know. But this is damn good pizza, and well deserved of our readers' Best Of... accolade.

The pizzas are made in wood fired ovens, the heat reaching around 1000 degrees. Not too surprisingly we're talking thin crust here, with just a bit of char to it and a nice bite. The toppings -- cheese and whatever else -- isn't piled on, but nicely covers the pie. This is not the pizza for you if you like it to be a cheese-fest where the crust only serves to hold the toppings. This is a harmony of crust, cheese and extremely fresh tasting toppings, playing together like a symphony. Not the free symphonies in the park; the one you suit up for.

Veraci Spokane is a mobile-only operation, and can currently be found at South Perry Farmers' Market, as well as Liberty Lake starting in May. They also travel to other spots, and having their pizza with a beer at the Hop Shop comes recommended.

In terms of pizza in Spokane, it doesn't get better than Veraci. Track them down unless you completely suck.