Roll Story Sushi & Bento


Exactly how we missed out on Roll Story opening -- three months ago, apparently -- is kind of a mystery. Maybe we were in some state of denial, thinking Sprint's five customers would keep that store in business? The Sprint store is at least gone now, and this sushi-to-go spot has taken its place.

I'd be lying if I said our minds were blown here, mind you, and the "Best Sushi Ever!" proclamation on the menu is a bit of a hyperbole.

There is a fairly large selection of rolls and bento boxes at Roll Story, with most items seemingly a dollar or two above baseline Spokane prices. In their defense, the rolls might just be a bit larger than average also.

We tried the "Rainbow Roll" which was kind of edible, but not much more. It's not exactly an original complaint to blame iffy tasting fish here in landlocked Spokane, yet, sadly, that was this roll's downfall. The salmon had that rubbery texture to it, with a vaguely metallic flavor toward the end. Not awesome, but almost decent when compared to a shrimp a day past its prime. Really, when shrimp is starting to go off it goes quickly, and it was clear this one was well out of its starting block.

Granted, none of this was so far off that it would make anyone sick, but should I really have to issue such a disclaimer? The imitation crab was what one would expect, if nothing else, and the rice was pretty average.

We do, again, live in a landlocked area, and seafood can be a bit of a hit or miss in most places. You might hit Roll Story on a day when their fish is fresher than it was during our visit, who knows? Sadly our one roll was enough to turn us off, as we don't like to mess around with old fish.

There are sushi places we've had more luck with than others in town, and next time we'd probably head down the street for some Sushi Yama should we be craving sushi while driving down Division.