There are things to like about Charley’s, but I’m not sure the food is one of those things. It’s not downright disgusting, just not very well thought out.

Take my buffalo chicken salad for example. It just seemed a bit random. Some romain lettuce, on the bottom, a few pieces of chicken in hot sauce on the top, and bleu cheese dressing on the side. Well… OK? I might be out of my element here, but shouldn’t the salad either be tossed, or maybe have some other vegetables in it? The decorative salad that comes with the hot wings at Northern Lights is more exciting.

The grilled cheese sandwich seemed pretty random too. A couple of pieces of bread with two different cheeses, stuffed with more fried onions than anything? Huh… Might have been better had the products used have actually been decent.



The smoothie, however, were delicious. And the interior—lots of old film posters—were fun. Charley’s might be worth a visit for the drinks, but that’s about it.

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