Wild Ophelia Beef Jerky Chocolate Bar

Product PlacementSpokane

There are some ideas too bizarre not to try. Often times these ideas find their way into chocolate bars, and while we tend to prefer or chocolate darker and plainer, we felt somewhat compelled to pick up Wild Ophelia's Beef Jerky from Huckleberry's.

Let's ponder that for a second: beef jerky in milk chocolate. Has it really come to this? Have we combined so many different flavors with chocolate that we had to apply beef jerky as the final solution? Who thought this was a good idea? And of the many flavor combinations we've tried, just for fun, and subsequently hated, how is it the Wild Ophelia combination actually works pretty well?

No, really.

It really isn't too bad. Combining bacon and chocolate never, ever works -- and many chocolatiers have tried -- yet chocolate and beef jerky does? Odd, but true.

It's all in the balance. The beef jerky really does taste like beef jerky, but it's not prevalent enough to overpower the 44% milk chocolate. The latter is good chocolate, too; we're not talking Hershey's or anything. Imagine beef jerky dipped in milk chocolate, with a less chewy texture, and you get the idea.

Is this all rather gimmick-y? Yes. No doubt. But, you know, it's also pretty good. Not something we'd run out and buy again, but one of those things that's kinda fun to try. Give it a shot if you want something a bit out of the ordinary that doesn't suck. Wild Ophelia's Beef Jerky is sort of worth it.