Huckleberry's cover

For whatever reason, Huckleberry's seems to have a bad rep within certain groups. Maybe it's because of the natural market's Rosauers association or maybe the aforementioned groups don't appreciate the finer things in life. Maybe it's because their local selection, while definitely decent, is not on par with Main Market. My bet it's a little of all, and I personally don't find that much of a reason to hate the store.

Huckleberry's, of course, is booming, and is pretty much the standard of natural foods here in Spokane. Really, it is for a good reason. Their selection is pretty dang excellent, and if you have any interest in high quality perishables, you will find it here. The array is quite something, and should a Whole Foods eventually come to town, I think Huckleberry's could hold its own.

The beer and wine selection is stellar, easily among the best in Spokane, and you'll find one of the better picks of Washington and Oregon micros here. Organic boxed items are also plentiful.

But really, if you're reading this site (god knows why!) you already know this. And you have already made your mind up. If you can live with buying meat that's from a little bit further out than what would be strictly classified as a locavore radius, then there are few things you can really criticize Huckleberry's for. I mean, really, the place is pretty classy.