Those #SpoBREW2ART artists


So, yeah, we're a bit unsure how many artists are showing up this year, mostly because we weren't as strict with their sign-ups as we were with the brewers's. With that in mind, here are some (possibly all?!) of the #SpoBREW2ART artists. Remember, you have the opportunity to bid on some of the artworks in an auction where we're expecting to surpass Sotheby's The Scream bidding frenzy.

Becky: A contestant from last year, she entered her Beerd label. Will this year be her turn to shine? We shall see. We. Shall. See.

Crystal Clark and Brandon Jacobs: A collaboration on a piece described as "beer related, but with a strong space theme", we are finding this concept intriguing. Crystal also competed last year with "Wayfarer Sour".

Erin AE Smith: Little is known about Erin, but she doesn't like Comic Sans, something most of us considers a great first step for any artist. We have been told to "prepare ourselves" for her entry and so we have.

Lars Huschke: Last year's champion and the creator of the 6pack Saddlebag. I mean, really, what else is there to say? Hands on favorite? Possibly so. Very, very possibly so.

Scott Mueller: Scott had signed up last year, got cold feet, panicked, and withdrew from the competition. (He did enter an artisinal "beer" in the homebrewing contest, however.) Does he stand a chance? As the co-creator of our Hopster mascot and as a member of a homebrewing team called &, signs might be pointing in that direction?