Introducing the SpiceaWAR players


Introducing the SpiceaWAR players cover

First, Blue Spark is looking at opening its door a little earlier than 3pm on Saturday, so you'll have the chance to meet and greet the players and grab a beer and basically wonder why anyone would try to do something like this to themselves. And! Tacos Tumbras will have their truck outside, meaning you will be able to eat some kick-ass tacos while witnessing the spectacle!

Speaking of players...

The returning warriors

This isn't a team contest, but many of the players from last year's Spiceavore are returning. Team SpoCOOL, for example, is back (minus Bryan who took his cowboy hat and rode off into the sunset). Lars might be known for his chicken suit, but the 6pack Saddlebag creator schooled the spicy coffee last time. Seen, with his skirt (possibly a kilt) added insult to injury when he kept picking on the bones after winning Spiceavore's hot-wing challenge. And yours truly has come out of retirement, for this one last spicy food contest. Team SpoCOOL won last year, and you can expect the players to place near the top once again.

Team DTE is back in full force. Bart swore on that fateful night of Spiceavore that he'd never lose another spicy food contest again, and has gone through Rocky-like training, conquering the EWU hot wing challenge, to set his aim toward the top of SpiceaWAR. Mark is eyeing the throne himself, with a glimmer of golden habaneros in his eyes. Finally, Chris Dreyer, the man who insisted on this re-match, has worked himself up in a frenzy, and has proclaimed that only victory will be good enough. Team DTE might not ave won last year's event, but this time all the individual players are hands-on favorites to make it to the end.

Team Blue Spark (where somewhat ironically nobody actually worked for Blue Spark) fell apart after last year's event. We don't exactly know what happened, but crying was surely involved. The only player emerging out of the almost literal flames is Patrick, who has travelled the world to compete in spicy food contests. Will the experience pay off? We shall see. We. Shall. See.

New kids on the block

Adam tried to chicken out, but realized too late he was in too deep. This might sound like somebody at a disadvantage, but you know what will happen when you back a tiger into a corner -- it'll pounce!

Brett might be best known as the Brews on Washington guy, but we have learned he comes from a family of spiceavores. Don't think of him as a beer guy; he swigs back Insanity Sauces too.

Kai is Lars's brother, and he also Envisions Spokane. This is a lethal combination, and we can only assume he does his envisioning while eating hot wings and laughing maniacally while eyeing the SpiceaWAR trophy!

There's only one lady on the roster, Liz, who has proclaimed she will take home SpiceaWAR and kick up gender roles once and for all. 

Sean: We don't know Sean, but Patrick signed him up just last night. We assume he bribed Patrick to be able to play, meaning he plays dirty, and we approve of that.


You?! Yes, you! We're leaving one spot open for an audience member to participate! Come down to Blue Spark on Saturday, around 2pm-ish and state your case, and you could be part of this event. (Lord knows why you'd want to, but now you have the option.)

Tomorrow: What's in this for you?! Tons of stuff will be happening at SpiceaWAR at the Blue Spark, and all will be outlined tomorrow.