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Your list of the best restaurants in Spokane #9


After a good year without too much movement, your top twenty sees some action for the second month running…

1. Manito Tap House (-)
2. Casper Fry (-)
2. Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie (3)
4. South Perry Pizza (-)
5. The Flying Goat (6)
6. Saranac Public House (5)
7. Central Food (-)
8. Main Market Co-op (11)
9. De Leon Foods (10)
10. Jones Radiator (8)
11. Veraci Pizza (9)
12. Bon Bon Lounge (14)
13. Coeur Coffee (-)
14. Atticus Coffee & Gifts (12)
15. Bennidito's Pizza (20)
16. Wild Sage Bistro (15)
17. Mizuna (19)
18. Huckleberry's (17)
19. Italia Trattoria (18)
20. Atilano's (16)

… albeit less dramatically this time around.

The top three is, once again, incredibly close, with Casper Fry and Santé now sharing the runner-up position. Meanwhile, the pizza war between Flying Goat and South Perry is intensifying; we expect Veraci to join them after their brick and mortar location opens.

As always, you can affect the list by voting! Stay tuned for the June list, which will be a very special anniversary one.