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Your list of the best restaurants in Spokane #8


I usually start these posts with some variation on «there hasn't been much movement in the chart», but this time… This time there's been movement, like that of Cheryl's colon-cleanse-car-wash incident.

You're welcome!

As for the list, here are who you've voted in as your favorite spots. Want to make your voice heard? Go vote yourself! 

1. Manito Tap House (2)
2. Casper Fry (1)
3. Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie (-)
4. South Perry Pizza (-)
5. Saranac Public House (12)
6. The Flying Goat (-)
7. Central Food (5)
8. Jones Radiator (14)
9. Veraci Pizza (11)
10. De Leon Foods (6)
11. Main Market Co-op (20)
12. Atticus Coffee & Gifts (10)
13. Coeur Coffee (-)
14. Bon Bon Lounge (9)
15. Wild Sage Bistro (19)
16. Atilano's (17)
17. Huckleberry's (16)
18. Italia Trattoria (-)
19. Mizuna (15)
20. Bennidito's Pizza (8)

Manito, Casper Fry, and Santé are, as always, neck and neck, with the tap house nudging to #1 after a wave of :-)s.

Saranac, meanwhile, made a major jump from #12 to #5, and Jones hit #8. Apparently people are into beer this month.

Really, all around we saw movement. Which is a good thing. Having a scene where people have a lot of opinion is positive for all of us.