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Your list of the best restaurants in Spokane #7


Like we often-ish do, we take a look at your current favorite spots, based on your current votes. Because, you know, why not? Is it scientific? Does it mean anything? Probably not, yet we don't care -- that's just how we are!

1. Casper Fry (-)
2. Manito Tap House (-)
3. Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie (-)
4. South Perry Pizza (-)
5. Central Food (-)
6. De Leon Foods (11)
7. The Flying Goat (9)
8. Bennidito's Pizza (12)
9. Bon Bon Lounge (13)
10. Atticus Coffee & Gifts (8)
11. Veraci Pizza (6)
12. Saranac Public House (9)
13. Coeur Coffee (15)
14. Jones Radiator (10)
15. Mizuna (17)
16. Huckleberry's (19)
17. Atilano's (18)
18. Italia Trattoria (·)
19. Wild Sage Bistro (16)
20. Main Market Co-op (14)

The numbers speak for themselves, really. This is the first time we haven't had any movement in the top five (yet consistent movement throughout the rest of the list). If that means anything or not, we don't know, but as always… Who doesn't love a good list?

Take it all in, and go vote if you want to make a difference. Note that you can vote directly in the list of restaurants -- click either «:-)» or «:-(». There's no need to go to the individual places to vote.