Your list of the best restaurants in Spokane #6


Once again, we take a look at your votes for the best restaurants in Spokane. «But why is this different than the best of we voted in?!» you might ask, and a good question it is.

The main difference is that this list consists of more votes, many which were cast by people who randomly found a restaurant from a search or whatever, and only voted for that one spot. Plus, the best of was scored, as opposed to the :-) or :-( voting.

I'm sure we could get into a large analytical debate about the validity of either or any of these kinds of lists -- they're both arbitrary in most of our opinions, I'd assume -- but who really cares?

Anyway! Your votes:

1. Casper Fry (-)
2. Manito Tap House (-)
3. Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie (4)
4. South Perry Pizza (3)
5. Central Food (-)
6. Veraci Pizza (11)
7. Saranac Public House (9)
8. Atticus Coffee & Gifts (10)
9. The Flying Goat (6)
10. Jones Radiator (14)
11. De Leon Foods (7)
12. Bennidito's Pizza (8)
13. Bon Bon Lounge (12)
14. Main Market Co-op (18)
15. Coeur Coffee (13)
16. Wild Sage Bistro (20)
17. Mizuna (16)
18. Atilano's (19)
19. Huckleberry's (15)
20. Tacos Tumbras, Downtown Spokane (·)

Casper Fry clings ot the top, with both Manito and Santé breathing down its neck. Other than that... Well, the list kinda speaks for itself.

Want to vote yourself? Go right ahead and do so!