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Your list of the best restaurants in Spokane #2


We've looked at it before, and here we are again, looking at what you (you!) have voted the best restaurants in Spokane. There have been changes in the list, particularly at the top, and... Well, just look for yourself.

The Ranks
1 (13) Manito Tap House
2 (3) South Perry Pizza
3 (5) Casper Fry
3 (1) Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie
5 (2) Bon Bon Lounge
6 (5) Atticus Coffee & Gifts
7 - The Flying Goat
8 (4) Saranac Public House
9 (8) Central Food
10 (9) Jones Radiator
11 (10) Veraci Pizza
12 (15) De Leon Foods
13 (14) Coeur Coffee
14 (11) Bennidito's Pizza
15 (16) Italia Trattoria
16 · Latah Bistro
17 - Main Market Co-op
18 - Mizuna
19 - Huckleberry's
20 · Wild Sage Bistro

Agree? Disagree? We're in both camps, and the only real way to affect this list is to vote yourself. Remember, it's your civic duty.