Your July 4th drinking guide


Your July 4th drinking guide cover

I mean, sort of a guide. A "guide" would probably indicate something longer and more detailed, so I suppose this is more of a "steer away from crap beer" reminder than a "guide".


Sometimes we all do need a reminder that we don't need to drink a Bud, even though it's America day and all. Here are a few current recommendations we have for your Independence Day drinking:

Elysian Superfuzz: We quite liked, but didn't love, this pale when we first drank it. Were we too harsh? Possibly, seeing we've gone back to it quite a few times over the last couple of months. It tastes like orange, how bad can it really be?

No-Li Mosaic: We've never seen it on bottle, but this is definitely one hell of a refreshing beer for those of you who "hit the town" or whatever the kids do. And it's local too.

Session Black: This is one of those beers we kinda forgot about, and that's kind of sad. Session Black is a great dark lager and, obviously, a session beer. That all spells out 4th of July to us.

New Belgium Rolle Bolle: A simple Belgian pale, but also a refreshing one. Easily one everyone can agree on, be it your Bud swilling uncle or beer-snob cousin.

So, yes. America!