Your invite to the #SpoBREW Classic


What? The fourth iteration of our homebrewing contest, #SpoBREW.

When? Saturday, September 21st, 4:30pm.

Where? The Porch, 1804 W Broadway.

How do I RSVP? By going to our -- god help us all -- Facebook event page.

How can this possibly benefit me? 

That's the real question, right? All these homebrewers -- are you just supposed to stand around and watch them?

Of course you're not!

Those who are twenty-one and over will be able to sample the wares! Sixteen teams are tentatively set to compete, eight teams in each category: hoppy and malty beers. I mean, how bad can the beers be? We don't know, but you'll have your chance to judge for yourself.

Not interested in beer? Veraci will be peddling their pizza outside. That alone is worth the trip for you, the Better Taster.

The event will be judged by New Belgium's Ely Johnson alongside Joe Petrilli and Kyle Sillars from Big Sky. It's all very professional. Or rather, that part is. The rest is not.

Consider this your invite -- RSVP at Facebook -- and look forward to some more event factoids over the next few weeks. Only a sad, sad person would pass up the chance to enjoy the #SpoBREW Classic!