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Your early invite to SpoTOAST


Whenever we throw an event here at SpoCOOL -- SpoBREW or Spiceawar for example -- we have stragglers, the ones who are just are too late to sign up and miss out on participating in the contest. Hey, we get it, self-doubt and what not, but disappointment is usually pretty severe for those who pull the trigger too late. Scenes like these aren't uncommon (probably)...

... and that is something we'd like to avoid, so consider this your early invite to sign up for SpoTOAST, next week! Or the week after! We don't quite know yet.

"But what is SpoTOAST?!", you cry. SpoTOAST is our AeroPress contest, where you'll be doing just that -- AeroPressing. Exactly when and where it will take place is still kind of up in the air, as are the rules, though they will be based off the world championship ones.

So this gives you a good week to think it over, if you want to be part of SpoTOAST contest. Got friends who might want to compete? Let them know -- some were sorely disappointed when they couldn't partake in SpoBREW because they heard about it too late.

Make 2012 a year of good coffee and think deeply and thoroughly if you want to partake in SpoTOAST!

Oh, and the "toast" name? Toast will be involved in one way or another, just because that makes perfect sense to us.