YOU will be thrilled


Or alternatively, “You WILL be thrilled.”

Busy day today at Spokane Food Blog/Taste Everything Once main offices, so instead of posting a half-assed post, I’ll rather give you this press release (“blog release”?) from Krispy Kreme:

What can you get these days with just a dime? Maybe a piece of gum, a few minutes on a parking meter? As Americans are facing tough economic times, Krispy Kreme is offering something to help make enjoying a cup of coffee just a little bit easier "? a medium cup of their signature blended coffee for 10 ?.

This "Grand Deal"? adds to their current "New Deal"? of a small signature coffee for 5 ?, which was the price of a cup of coffee when Krispy Kreme first opened during the Great Depression. As our country again faces challenging economic times, Krispy Kreme is doing its part to ease the impact by offering its signature coffees.

We think your blog readers would be thrilled to learn about this great deal, especially in these hard economic times. These amazing deals are available at Krispy Kreme locations in Washington, Oregon and Hawaii (an exact list of locations are below). Please do let me know if you need any additional information.

So. Thrilled?