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Yeast, Locavore Debate


“So where do you draw the line for yeast?” -Rachel

“We've had some mead brewing in our basement for almost a year. The original yeast we added were not local, but by this point, I'd assume any living yeasties were ‘born’ in my basement.” – Rachel

“I also have yeast ‘born’ in my basement from home-brew.” -UnknownNeva

“I think anything raised in our area is fair game. We import the seeds we grow our gardens with. I think if it was produced here and lives here like yeast in beer or sour dough starter"? which die and reproduce quickly should be counted in.” -Brightspirit

“Yeast question is resolved? "? please let me know if you have more to add on that.” -UnknownNeva

“Yeast is used to ferment the grapes, and although it is racked off the final product, it does come from outside the area.” -Local Winery

I know I said the yeast debate was done, but I do have more to add on that.

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