World Cup gives you excuses to eat


You can shout and you can beg, but there's no escape: The World Cup starts tomorrow, marking the one month every four years America halfway pays attention to something the rest of the world cares about sports-wise. I mean with pearls like this about Drogba's broken arm...

The level of football would only diminish with his loss. I haven't watched enough EPL this year to know whether he is a whiner or diver, but I know that he is a great goal scorer and hope he makes it.

... it is obvious that football fever is sweeping the nation. For the uninitiated, Drogba is a douche with a douche-y haircut playing for the Premier League's douchiest team.

My point here is that if you care about the game, then gloating in the face of injured players isn't just recommended, it's required.

And now I will step down from my pedestal.

There are plenty of places to watch the games, and most of them include good food and drinks.

Tomorrow's opener starts at 7am and features a talented but flawed Mexico taking on an unproven South Africa. It should be an entertaining match, and here are a few spots showing it:

  • Heroes & Legends will be serving breakfast burritos and Bloody Marys. Frankly, what better way watching Mexico is there when you throw De Leon into the mix? Doors open at 6:30am.
  • The Checkerboard is, of course, part of the "International District" World Cup extravaganza, and will kick it off with "International District blend coffee, Breakfast sandwiches, Bagel & cream cheese, breakfast burritos, Orange juice, V-8 juice, beer with Clamato, $7 pitchers." Doors also open at 6:30am.
  • The Satellite will open their lounge for a World Cup "breakfast club" at 7am. (I'm assuming doors open a bit before that.)
  • The Blue Spark has $3 Carlsberg, which, as a sponsor of Liverpool, I'm not OK with. Go for the $3 mimosas instead.

Most of these these spots will have events going for the majority of the games.

The US plays its first game on Saturday at 11:30am against an English side that might be the most talented team in the tournament, but also the one with the biggest egos. Hence why '66 likely won't happen again, and the US stands a good chance at beating them.