Wojo Works


Wojo Works cover

Imagine for a second that Pinterest was a store with a physical location, and not just a website with pictures of awesomely designed furniture, gadgets, and what have you. Now stop imagining and realize the store actually exists in downtown Spokane; you probably should go down to Wojo Works right now and show them some well deserved love.

The spot focuses on merchandise inspired by the mid-century modern designers, and you'll find a large assortment of furniture, accessories, postcards, and stationary. It all looks great, and is the kind of stuff you previously had to order from heavy hitters like Blu Dot.

They will soon also be carrying furniture from Modernica, which means we'll be seeing reproductions of items from designers like Ray & Charles Eames. Which is awesome.

Obviously there is more than big ticket items here, and you can also find anything from iPhone docks to wallets to wall clocks to glasses. Compare the prices to those you find online, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. The up-marking is minimal, less than you'd pay for shipping.

We're fans of Wojo Works, hence why we took the time to post about something a bit out of the usual. Run and check them out if you're a fan of beautiful design. The store is a gem, and probably our favorite in Spokane.