WingStreet cover

For whatever reason, many have been prodding me to try WingStreet on this Great Hot Wing Chase. Why, I don't know, though I'm guessing Pizza Hut's power of advertising might have something to do with it. That, or people really just want me to eat crap so they don't have to.

Regardless, there's no way getting around it: WingStreet has to be a part of this experiment, as much as it pains me. And it does. Not because the "buffalo burnin' hot" are painfully hot; they are painfully dull.

First, though, credit where credit is due: As opposed to Pizza Pipeline, you at least can somewhat recognize Pizza Hut's wings as being chicken-ish like. They're also covered in sauce. If you want fast-food wing -- and, really, you don't -- Pizza Hut is a step above Pipeline and possibly even Rock City Grill.

That's about as much praise as I can give them.

For being described as "extreme heat for the daring Buffalo eater," these are curiously flavorless. Sure, you can taste something that's probably watered down Frank's, but honestly, there's no kick here beyond the base flavor of the sauce.

Texture-wise, it's the same ol'. So far, only Northern Lights and Jones have provided wings that actually feel like chicken. WingStreet's are soft, almost mushy, and have little going for them as far as mouthfeel goes.

Look, of course it's bad. We all knew it would be. I will give WingStreet some credit for providing some variety in their wings -- lemon chicken and garlic parmesan -- but do you really want to eat here? No. I did, so you don't have to. You can thank me later.