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Wing Central


Wing Central cover

Yes, we're still eating wings. We've just had to move a bit outside of our comfort zone. All the way to Ellensburg.

Here you can find Wing Central, with its reputation as sort of a Mecca for hot wings. Their more famous restaurant can be found in the U District in Seattle, though we hit one of their satellite locations, inside Road House Grill. (Mind you, they also have an honest to god Ellensburg restaurant.)

And, you know, I get it. I understand why the wings are popular. These are particularly spicy, and I'm only talking those with medium heat here. Wings like this are the type that can bring out the competitor in the best of us, and I can  completely see why their timed challenge is tempting.

The wings are also crunchy, and easily passed my bite test. Good. You don't want soggy wings.

Where Wing Central falls somewhat flat is on the flavor. Spicy as the wings may be, they're not particularly tasty. The sauce is somewhat generic, kind of like a better version of Frank's. That's all well and good, but not particularly exciting. Granted, we did not try the garlic wings, which apparently are better, but a wing place should have their basic flavors down better than this.

In that sense, Wing Central might score well with spice freaks. But as far as those of us who want a bit extra? I'm not so sure.

Wing Central is worth the stop, we won't be racing to get there again.