Wild Ophelia Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips Chocolate Bar

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Wild Ophelia Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips Chocolate Bar cover

The name sure is a handful, but then Wild Ophelia is kind of like a rogue cop from an eighties movie: It doesn't play by the rules, and it doesn't give a crap what you think about its weird and sometimes wonderful flavor combinations.

Of course, the Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips bar -- which is exactly what you think it would be -- isn't too weird when compared to the company's Beef Jerky flavor. It is, however, a more enjoyable bar, and one of a handful we've tried that actually gets the potato chip part right.

Before we get to that, though, we have the chocolate, and good it is. 70% dark, meaning it still has just a bit of sweetness to it to offset the BBQ flavor.

That, really, is why the potato chips work here. Sure, the crispy texture is what one would expect, but the BBQ part adds something more to the palette. The smokiness and subtle spiciness play very well with the chocolate, and had it not been for the texture, it probably wouldn't occur to you that this has anything to do with potato chips.

For all intents of purposes, it just tastes like a smokey chocolate bar, with a bit of a kick to it. That flavor profile is very pleasant that way.

Yet the crispier texture works too, and is kind of satisfying, even.

Really, pick the Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips up -- we found ours at Huckleberry's. It's both different enough and good enough to take you away to a little place we like to call Chocolate Town.