Widmer Brothers' Brrr seasonal 2010


Widmer Brothers' Brrr seasonal 2010 cover

You might not have noticed, but it's snowing outside. No, really, just turn on any local news station and they will probably mention it as a short aside or something.

This, of course, means it's a good time to stay inside and sample the seasonals. Like Widmer's Brrr, which is incredibly cleverly named. Say it with me: Brrr. Beer. Get it? Good stuff!

The beer, like last year's entry, is good too. This is a balanced winter warmer, though balanced in a way where everything is quite strong, something the 7.5% ABV is a good indicator of.

It pours a nice deep dark color which soothes the soul and says, "Hey, it's all going to be OK -- I'm here to warm you up during these cold months." The head is thick-ish and sits at about two fingers with a slightly brown-ish hue. Good lacing too.

The nose hits you like a Christmas carol: Here you find caramels, malts, spices, and hops. This carries over in the flavor, though if anything dominates, it's the hops. The sweet and spicy flavors do play good harmonies however. It's all pretty flavorful, and a far cry from the kind of beers Widmer has become famous for.

The medium mouthfeel and slightly creaminess makes this very drinkable, despite the strong flavors and ABV. It might not be a life-altering ale, but it's definitely above average. Good one, Widmer.