Whitestone Winery is pretty SpoCOOL


img_0408Whitestone Winery recently opened its tasting room at 111 S Cedar, just by the Rocket Bakery, and that is pretty awesome. Not that I’m a wine expert by any means; I’m definitely more Thomas Haden Church than Paul Giamatti. Regardless, I am also opinionated, and here are some impressions from a recent wine tasting.

2005 Cab Franc: A bit milder than most Francs I’m used to, and the pourer did suggest it would go well with a barbecue. That might be true, but I still expect a bit rounder taste from a cab like this. Still, tasted pretty good to me.

2005 Merlot: Again, a bit milder than I’m used to from a Merlot, but I’m OK with that. In fact, I’d say this one would go better with a barbecue than the Franc, just because of its relative lightness. Tasted pretty good to me.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon: This might have been my favorite of the bunch. The flavor was a lot rounder than the other wines, and I could definitely see myself chilling out with a bottle of this one as opposed to the aforementioned products. The cab sauvignon really did taste pretty good to me.

Pieces of Red: A blend that probably would serve well as a table wine. Tasted pretty good to me.