Well, it LOOKS like it works


But yes, if you’re seeing any strangeness with the new design—and remember that Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported particularly well— then let us know. And yes, things have been changed a bit around, and new things have been added. So from top to bottom, these are some of the many things you can look forward to on Spokane Food Blog:

  • Traffic signs! European traffic signs! The ”!” on the left takes you here, the knife and fork to Taste Everything Once, and the “i” to iluvspokane.

  • Twitter! If it’s #SPOEATS it will show up here.

  • Weather! Yes, we’re all about it.

  • Search! The difference from the old search is that this one works.

  • Laughing Buddha! Representing the liquor license stalker. Alongside Ryan.

  • Farmers markets map! Directly from Spokane County. (Via yearofplenty.)

  • Improved “our friends” section! Instead of a list of blogs with their latest updates (some of which were six months ago) you now get a list of the ten latest updates from all the blogs.

  • RSS fixed! Hopefully. With some luck you will be seeing the full post in your RSS reader now.

And there are more, but that covers the basics. We will be back to our regularly scheduled halfway on topic blog posts again tomorrow!