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Weekly Roundup, May 8th


First, if the header looks garbled, please just reload the page. We made some changes to the design.

If you were like us, you missed out on the Sante potluck. All I can say is that my knees were about twice the size after Bloomsday. For those of us who didn’t make it, here’s a quick recap from

On Sunday May 3, 2009 a group of Spokane area chefs, food producers, food distributors and other interested parties met to continue discussions on how best to facilitate the use of local products in Spokane area restaurants and beyond. The meeting was hosted by Jeremy and Kate Hansen, the owners of Sante restaurant located in the Liberty Building, downtown Spokane. Jeremy welcomed all the participants, who shared a potluck dinner and explained that this meeting is a follow-up to a similar conversation that was conducted at the Chef's Summit, at Quilisascut Farm in the late winter of 2009. The purpose of this meeting was to further identify and address the various challenges that make it difficult for local chefs to use local products on a regular basis. The following is a brief summary of the discussion. For more information about this meeting or similar matters please contact Jeremy Hansen at or go to to join the google group discussion already in progress.

Jump over to the Google Group for more.

User review of the week comes from Ray for Olive It Cafe. We seriously dig the place, and think you should run up there right now and check it out. Really. It’s awesome.

Also, is it just me, or is it unfair that Biden has to pay for the burgers?