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We got a date and location, can you believe it?!


Time: July 9th, 7pm.

Place: The Porch, 1804 W Broadway.

Who: Brewers and artists and possibly you!

We even have a Facebook event page. Granted, you have to be invited by one of the participants to attend, this because of logistical reasons of having a private event, but there it is all the same.

So, what else have we got? Prizes! DOMA is donating bags of coffee for the winners, which is pretty sweet. We assume Team DOMA is erroneously expecting to take home the prize, and it's pretty adorable how they can dream like that.

Goldies, hipster-zine number one, will provide autographed copies of its latest issue. And Ryan Keberle, local musician gone big with solo albums, SNL appearances, and touring with Sufjan Stevens, has offered up an autographed copy of his latest album as a prize. Yes, you can actually play to win something now, and more prizes will be announced soon! (Feel free to donate prizes if you'd like by e-mailing The brewing contest is full, but the art part is still open, so sign up!

Did we mention Veraci will be selling pizza? And there will be Big Sky beer available. 

This is all pretty awesome!

Yes, beer brings people together and take us back to a simpler time, a time when men were men, when women stared longingly at them while serving them beer, and advertisements were every bit as bafflingly sexist as Mad Men portrays them as. 

A wonderfully sexist ad