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We bring democracy to the people, let you vote


That's right, SpoCOOL [whatever version] is here, and this is one we've... Well, we haven't actually slaved over it, but rather been lazy and taken way to long to get it done. But whatever, it is here, and we have included a feature where you can rate restaurants, libations, and so forth. How well does it work? We don't know! Because we haven't really tested it that well, and this is us being all Google about it, calling it a "live beta". We're (kinda) sure it'll work though.

How do you do this. Pretty simple: Click the little person icon on the right (or top if you're on your phone) and log in with either Facebook or Twitter. Then under the "Vote" section of the post you click either ":-)" or ":-(" depending on how you feel about the restaurant or beer or whatever. The "Total" will, not surprisingly, show what the majority has voted.

"But I don't want to browse through all the posts to rate stuff!", you might say. And fair enough. Just go to the Restaurant Review section and vote away, without ever having to look at the actual post. We'll have a libations list soon.

Other questions you might ask...

Why does everything look so big? There are plenty of reasons, one of them being the increasing use of phones and tablets, a usage heading toward the majority of hits. Bigger tap areas and text makes sense for those kind of devices. (There's also things like accessibility -- many of us aren't getting any younger -- but we'll leave that for another day.) It might seem a bit different at first, but we're sure you'll get used to it.

We've added some keyboard navigation should you still be using a computer, mind you. Press "Escape" to bring up the main menu. "." lets you navigate between posts on a page. The arrow keys let you jump back and forth between pages. Or you can just do it all on the bottom of the page.

Browser compatibility -- we've kinda ignored old browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.x. I mean, get with the times. Should you experience any problems, you can always email us at, and let us know what's up, preferably with a descriptive screenshot. And as there are a million different phones out there, we've only tested this on iPhones running the latest version of iOS. It all should work with WebKit browser, so newer Android phones should be OK too.

And blah, blah, blah. The TL;DR version: You can vote on things; there might be some occasional bugs; certain features are work in progress. That's about it, so go knock yourself out voting.