Washington Quesadilla


As you probably already knew, this wonder of a web site received some well deserved media attention last week. Hey, we deserve it, we’re awesome!

Now my quesadilla recipe in the article wasn’t quite my recipe as such. I could go on a tirade here about about the Spokesman soiling my good name, but seeing that, A) making quesadillas hardly requires a culinary degree, and B) my “recipe” pretty much was “just taste your way through it,” I probably would have less than a good case. But! For your benefit, here is the original world famous Washington Quesadilla “recipe.”


  • Tortillas (two for one quesadilla in this case, unless you want to use the fold-over method.)

  • Ground lamb sausage. (I got mine from the Moscow Co-op.) Or any other type of sausage. Links would work fine too.

  • Salsa—the De Leon tomatillo recipe in the article would work well

  • Grated Cougar Gold sharp cheddar.

  • A Honeycrisp apple. Thinly sliced.

  • (Whatever else you’d like in there—I imagine some corn and black beans would work just fine, even as a substitute for the meat.)

Cook the sausage about half-way in the pan, then add salsa to taste. Let the meat simmer until it has absorbed the salsa flavors. At the very end, put the cheese in with the meat and mix it all together. Put the meat/cheese mixture on the tortilla, and top with the apple slices. Top it with the second tortilla, and cook it on medium/high on a Griddler (or George Foreman or broil it or whatever) until it’s done. Serve with salsa, sour-cream, and apple slices.

Then again, nobody really needs a recipe for a simple quesadilla, do they?