Vote for your favorite Spokane spots in our “Best of 2013”


It's that time of year again, the time when you can vote in our annual “Best of Spokane”! And it works pretty much the same way it worked previous years:

Here you don't vote as much as you score places on a scale from one (worst) to six (best). This because most tend to have more than one favorite in each category. And who doesn't want to vote some spots down? You're evil little imps is what you are! (Or maybe that's just us?)

And again, we have (with your help) picked out the categories and spots you can score. This is a mix of what commonly is considered Spokane's best spots with a good dollop of some wildcards to boot.

I mean, it's that simple, so go ahead and vote! Unless, of course, you want the full set of “rules”:

  1. You score on a scale from 1 (worst) to 6 (best). Again: six is the best score. Leave the “-” for spots you haven't visited or have no opinions about. (Or click it if you accidentally scored something you didn't mean to score.)
  2. Score according to categories. Some spots are nominated multiple times, so if you like, say, Boots's baked goods, you can score them high in that category. Should you not like their coffee, you can score them low in that category. (That was a random example; don't bite my head off if I offended you or anyone else.)
  3. One entry allowed per voter.

It's about as simple as that. As always we leave the ballot open until the results go the way we want them to for a limited time, so vote while you have the chance!