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Restroom ChroniclesSpokane

A bathroom fit for its pizza.

The Villagio bathroom is as clean as the crust is good, and the decor is splattered just like the balsamic port reduction is overused. You will find this coed single toilet bathroom immediately off the main dining room, which is always a turnoff. However, this restroom opens wide for easy wheelchair access and has a sparkle even Mr. Clean would be proud of. Yellow toned floor tile contrasts nicely with the silver fixtures on the toilet and mop sink, yet clashes horribly with the gold doorknob and hinges.

The exposed mop sink and cleaning-products shelf could easily be covered by wood cabinet doors to make the experience more intimate, and less like a gas station stop.

A great bathroom always has a great sink, which is yet another piece Villagio lacks. Here you will find a brown glass-waterfall faucet mounted on a stock porcelain sink over a builder's grade two-door cabinet. This bathroom is an awful attempt at a wannabe high-end look.

If you are only looking for an industrial flush in a clean setting, I do recommend the Villagio bathroom.