URM Cash & Carry


URM Cash & Carry cover

OK, so "URM" isn't exactly what one would call "sexy" or "mindblowing" or even "exciting." You won't see your wannabe hipster friends clamoring for a membership there. That's fine, really, particularly since you don't need a membership to shop at URM. A perfect excuse to tear up that COSTCO card, in fact.

URM is about bulk, but not necessarily the crazy sizes the Sam's Clubs of the world carry. They feature some local products and the prices are good. Selection wise, too, there are many things to like about URM. I might have a one track mind, but the beer aisle here is excellent, and you can find the cheapest six packs of Deschutes in town. As low as $5? That's a good thing.

They also have a good pick of packaged and boxed items, and even a large selection of hot sauces. I kid you not. Cheap too. There's also an office supply section that holds a high quality.

URM, in a sense, is Rosauers on steroids. Heck, URM owns them, so yeah, keep in mind that this is a local business. Not a local business that gets much love, but a local business none the less.

There's a lack of organic products and you can forget about finding any fresh goods. That's not really the point of the place either, and I don't think anyone would argue URM would be a one stop shop. But it's good for what it is.