Restroom ChroniclesSpokane

Urinals cover

In these political times there is one issue that seems to be grossly overlooked. An issue that needs to be talked about but has fallen by the wayside while other less important subjects, like senate seats and taxes and what have you, have taken the limelight. You've already read the headline, so you know what this is about: Urinals.

Urinals are not good. Who decided it would be a good idea to line men up, side by side, and have them pee in troughs? Who was the genius that turning male urination into a social activity? It makes no sense!

To put it in context: I don't frequent women's restrooms, but from what I've been told, rarely will you see a bunch of toilets without stalls lined up next to each other for some quality time social peeing. (Zola apparently being a notable exception.)

Therefore we put forth this suggestion: Let's ban urinals in the city of Spokane. Or if we choose not to ban them, at least require stalls to be built around them. Social peeing is not fun, nor is it sanitary. It is a ridiculous activity, and Spokane should lead the way by taking a more sensible approach to urination.

In the meantime, I encourage every man in every city to use stalls. Let the troughs of yesteryear stand by themselves on their way into oblivion.