Uinta Punk'n


Uinta Punk'n cover

The whole pumpkin beer thing rarely does much for me and, really, apparently not for anyone else either. In a sense it's somewhat strange; most of us like pumpkin, and most of us like beer. The combination should work, but it rarely does.

The biggest problem, to me at least, are the artificial flavors. Rarely does the beer actually taste like pumpkin. Instead you get some odd, artificial tasting spice-like flavor that tend to lean toward the unpleasant side of the coin. Only a few breweries manage to hone in on a true pumpkin flavor, with Dogfish Head's Punkin being the best example of how it should be done.

So how about Uinta and their Punk'n?

It's not far from the mark as far as the pumpkin goes. In fact, the pumpkin does not have an artificial bend to it: this actually both smells and tastes like pumpkin.

That's all well and good, but that's also where Punk'n jumps off the Tasty Train. The beer screams Utah, all the way down to the Utahan 4% ABV. I don't have any issues with low ABV beers, but Punk'n really does not benefit from it, nor do I think most pumpkin ales do.

The issue goes all the way down to the mouthfeel which is really, really thin. Think carbonated water, something which makes the overall experience downright unpleasant. Water with pumpkin flavor is not too awesome.

Your best bet is to drink the beer at a very cold temperature. This might not do the flavor much of a favor, but at least it makes for a refreshing drink.

We wouldn't recommend Punk'n then. Grab a four-pack of Punkin, and you'll be much happier.