Uinta Labyrinth Black Ale


Uinta Labyrinth Black Ale cover

So, let's talk Uinta's Labyrinth here for a while, because, really, why not? It's not a cheap beer, but it's a good, nay, great beer, and you should sample it at least once. Really. Feel free to bitch me out if you don't like it -- I don't invite that kind of abuse unless I have a good inkling it won't happen.

Labyrinth is a black ale, and one with a kick to it. A good 13.2% ABV will smack you around until you (almost literally) hit the ground. They're subtle slaps, mind you. You don't really get a true taste of the booze, least not to the point you'd think the ABV actually was that high.

Smelling it, you'll pick up on a lot of dark stuff. Chocolate; licorice; traces of vanilla, flanked by hints of dark fruits. It's pretty glorious, like a drinkable perfume.

Flavors hit your mouth like a tidal wave, one that you cannot escape, filled with everything you'd expect from the nose. Keep digging into it, and other elements will make themselves known. Effects of the rye barreling, in particular, will come knocking sooner rather than later.

The mouthfeel is smooth like velvet, with just a bit of toastiness lingering on the roof of the mouth. Again, the alcohol doesn't feel like its dizzying booziness: Only a comfortable warmth will embrace you, in a way that it's telling you everything will be OK.

It's not overly sweet either -- an issue I've had with Firestone as of late -- just perfectly balanced.

There really is no reason not to try the Labyrinth. It makes for a good time. You might want to share the bottle, although… Now and again, you really should treat yourself, shouldn't you?

We think you should, and there's no better way doing so, than enjoying a bottle of Labyrinth.