Tubed food

Product PlacementSpokane

Or, as it is, shrimp cheese in a tube.

It's a fact of life that tubed food is pretty common in many European countries -- and, I assume, other continents also -- and often times the tubes contain what many might consider odd foods. Like shrimp cheese, although I, personally, don't understand why anyone would consider that to be particularly "strange" or "gross". Haters will hate!

We found a tube from Kavli, the producer which came up with the so-called "melt cheese" concept in the 1920s, in Poulsbo. Yes, they have been producing oddly flavored cheeses in tubes since the twenties, and they still haven't received a Nobel prize for it. The world just isn't fair.


Describing the flavor is kind of difficult. It doesn't taste quite like cheese, nor does it really taste like shrimp. The aforementioned haters might use the word "artificial" and they might very well be right. That aside, I can't help but being a fan of the flavor. Maybe it's nostalgia, I don't know, but smear this on a good piece of loaf, and you got a sandwich going.

I think more food should come in a tube, but that's a discussion for a different time. Strike if you find a tube of shrimp cheese. It'll probably be labeled "Rekeost", or "Räkost" if it's the Swedish branded version.

Make today a tubed food day!